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DJ Leash
(goodvibesent, hugznotdrugz,
Cleveland, OH

Founder, owner and operator of Cleveland’s own Goodvibes Entertainment, Ohio’s number one source for quality vibes and hardcore beats. Consistently gigging and headlining at parties and clubs in the Ohio area and out. Thoroughly devoted to a good scene, and eager to do all he can to make it better. On bills with djs like Bam Bam, Phantom 45, Sunrize, Sean Apollo, Dominik, Cosmic Gate, Milo, and many more. Quickly becoming known as the Midwest best and most popular hardcore dj. Seamless mixing, and quality scratching, the man shows that he loves what he does when he’s on the decks.

DJ Leash started djing in 2003 and quickly made a name for himself, bringing a forgotten sound to the Ohio area. Hardcore. Quickly landing a regular spot at a small weekly, honing his skills and making a name for him there. Soon after formed Goodvibes Entertainment and started throwing events that brought amazing vibes and positive energy to the scene. Specifically gearing the events towards hardcore, which was something the Ohio scene had been lacking for a bit, while still pushing all other genres of edm at the events. Partygoers flocked to the events and the hardcore beats that they had been missing for quite some time. With the events growing larger and Leash gaining popularity and spreading the word of hardcore to the masses he will bring life and energy to the party with out a doubt. Crowd interaction, scratching, amazing mixing and track selection skills are of course, his specialty. If you’ve seen him, you love him. If you haven’t seen him, you will.